When it comes to maintaining workplace chemical safety, it’s important to ensure total compliance with the ever-evolving list of safety regulations. Many manufacturers and importers / exporters of hazardous chemicals find themselves under an increasing amount of pressure from government and other regulatory bodies to review their standard operating procedures, identify any gaps in compliance and fix them. If you’d rather leave that task to a company that specialises in chemical safety audits and compliance services so you can instead focus on the day-to-day operations of your business, call on the expertise of Chemical Safety International.

Providing comprehensive workplace chemical safety compliance audits worldwide

Chemical Safety International experts conduct on-site workplace chemical safety compliance audits for businesses in Melbourne, across Australia, and worldwide. We provide an independent assessment of compliance, covering:

·      Transport
·      Storage
·      Handling
·      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
·      Labelling
·      Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
·      Risk assessment
·      Emergency response
·      Waste disposal
·      Environmental
Our auditors look for objective evidence to demonstrate compliance with the complex array of chemical safety regulations. Any areas of non-compliance will be identified and assessed, remedial actions will be defined, and detailed status reports prepared for management.

If you’d like further information about chemical safety audits services in Australia or throughout the world, get in touch with Chemical Safety International in Melbourne today. Call (+61) 1300 274 007 or contact us online.

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