Schools have an obligation to ensure that chemicals which are kept on site, are stored and handled correctly.

Chemical safety is of the utmost importance in order to protect students, employees and the environment, and the implementation of chemical management systems assist in minimizing risks associated with hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods.

In order to adhere to regulatory requirements, schools must:

  • Implement safe handling and storage systems;
  • Control and reduce risks associated with the use of chemicals;
  • Follow Good Laboratory Practice methods;
  • Have a clear understanding of the Work, Health and Safety regulations;
  • Create a long-term plan for the safe use of chemicals; and
  • Maintain a register of chemicals stored on site.

Education is the key in managing chemicals safely – and schools are a student’s first steps in understanding the risks associated with hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods.

Ensuring that students and employees are aware of chemicals stored on site, and controlling and minimizing risks, are vital in maintaining safe environments.

Detailing all the information on hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods stored on site, in a chemical register, enables schools to assist in managing the persons handling the chemical, and providing additional measures, such as Personal Protective Equipment and Engineering Controls where required.

The team at Chemical Safety International understand the chemical obligations of a vast number of industries and can assist in managing the risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods.

Our systems have been tailored to assist in evaluating and identifying, as well as reducing the risks associated with chemicals – all of which are extremely important factors to lead to a safe school environment.

A key feature of our chemical registers is to ensure that a current, and compliant, manufacturer’s safety data sheet, accompanies the corresponding chemical within the system.

We can assist with ensuring that the safety management system is accessible by those who are storing, handling and using chemicals, and to anyone who could potentially be affected by chemicals in the workplace.

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