All hazardous chemicals produced or imported in Australia are required under Work Health and Safety laws to be clearly and correctly labelled. These chemical safety labels must show such information as the composition / formulation of the product, any potential hazards that could occur, and clear instructions on how to safely store, handle, use and dispose of the chemical in a way that poses little or no risk to people and the environment. Chemical Safety International specialises in producing chemical hazard labels for manufacturers and distributors, both in Melbourne and across Australia.

Get GHS ready before 2017 with our chemical labelling systems

Chemical Safety International can help you prepare for 1st January 2017 when the international GHS classification system for hazardous chemicals becomes standard across the globe. Using the CSI Designer labelling application, we can produce custom-designed labels that are GHS compliant and, when integrated with Infosafe CSI, can be dynamically generated and populated for multiple jurisdictions in multiple languages.

If you’d like further information on our chemical label design services in Melbourne, anywhere in Australia, or across the globe, contact Chemical Safety International today.