Businesses are required under their ongoing compliance obligations and Work Health and Safety regulations (set by the individual states and territories of Australia) to ensure that any hazardous chemicals they produce or use are clearly and correctly labelled to ensure optimal workplace safety.

To support your labelling requirements, Chemical Safety International offers CSI Designer, the most powerful and versatile GHS chemical labelling software in Australia and across the world. It is a complete design and production solution that dynamically generates and populates GHS-compliant workplace and transportation labels for multiple jurisdictions in multiple languages.

The comprehensive, future-friendly solution to your chemical labelling needs

Chemical labels are required to provide information on the formulation of products and any potential hazards, as well as detailed instructions on how to safely store, handle, use and dispose of the chemical. CSI Designer works seamlessly with Infosafe CSI to dynamically populate label templates with the relevant product and safety information, ensuring absolute consistency of information on both the Safety Data Sheet and the product label. Our chemical labelling software is also GHS compatible, helping you to remain compliant well beyond the January 1, 2017 classification changeover coming into action.

While CSI Designer offers a wide-range of standard label templates, users can custom-design templates to suit every labelling requirement. Contact Chemical Safety International today if you would like a demonstration of our chemical labelling software.