Chemical safety is not easy and we don’t pretend it is.

Many of our clients are sophisticated businesses with complex needs. We do not believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. We develop customised, bespoke chemical safety management systems that properly reflect the business needs and operational realities of our clients.

We have a service and product portfolio that covers the entire spectrum of chemical safety from end-to-end. We supplement and support your in-house technical and safety resources, and offer flexible and cost-effective options to address non-core capabilities.

To the greatest extent possible, we develop and implement standardised systems and processes across the geography of your business, with a common way of doing things, as this facilitates standardised training and audit processes that minimise business risk.

We have an absolute focus on compliant supplier data at the heart of a safety system. If the core data is not compliant, all downstream data such as labels, placards and risk assessments are likely to be non-compliant. We see no reason why compliant and non-compliant data should co-exist in the workplace as it introduces the risk of confusion where the need for clarity is paramount. We don’t believe that it is fair to impose the burden of distinguishing between compliant and non-compliant safety data upon any individual in a moment of crisis.

We stay informed about regulatory changes in Australia and overseas that may affect your business and provide ongoing and on-demand access to expert regulatory compliance resources. We offer genuine international know-how, with multi-jurisdictional expertise and multi-lingual capabilities.